Your ideal customer can’t work with you if they can’t find you. How do they find you? Good SEO.

SEO is sometimes thought of as a bit of a grubby or a slightly dodgy practice – images sping to mind of content mills or paid-for backlinks to ‘cheat the system’ and while that’s technically possible, it’s not actually that common.

The reality of good SEO is simply making sure that your website has the right things on it so that when people search for what you do, they find you.

The SEO First Aid Kit is a simple package which does all the hard work for you to come up with a plan so that your website’s SEO is as good as it can be. There’s a simple set fee of £250 for the basic package, and optional add-ons depending on what you need and want. There will be no hidden costs, unexpected price raises, or tricksy bait and switch.

What’s Included?

  • Triage
  • Website Health Check
  • SEO Treatment Action Plan
  • Three hours of live support

Triage – Assessment Step 1

The first thing we’ll do is have a chat. We’ll talk about your goals, target areas, specific product offers, and any issues you’re already aware of. If you’re local to us, we can do this in person, or from further afield, however is best for you. It won’t be like an interview and, “Erm, I’m not really sure,” is absolutely acceptable as an answer.

Website Health Check – Assessment Step 2

After our chat, we’ll do the Website Health Check. Some tasks will be the same for every customer, and some will be specific to certain goals, but as a guide, we will always check;

  • Page load speed
  • Internal links
  • Missing metadata
  • Look for any other major red flags

Optional Add-On: At this stage, we can also do a much deeper investigation. There’s not a set price for this as it depends on the size and complexity of the site. You can also book this in isolation. Send us an email at for details.

We will also look at strategic keyword research. This is based on;

  • Your current website content
  • Competitor keyword strategies
  • Your targets and goals

SEO Treatment Action Plan

The next stage will tell you about what we found, and give you a simple-to-understand strategy to address the findings. The suggestions will be broken down into high, medium and low priority and each area will have comprehensive advice and suggestions. We can either deliver this as an information pack, or we can also talk you through the plan in a meeting.

Check Up

Approximately one month after you receive your treatment plan, we will have a one-hour follow-up meeting. You can use this to ask any questions which have cropped up since you started putting the suggestions into action, or to explore new ideas – whatever you like.

Beyond the Kit – Optional Services

The SEO First Aid Kit is your website’s action plan and will tell you what to do to improve the SEO of your site. It will be personalised to your site and contain specific rather than generic advice. As well as creating the action plan, we can also help you put it into motion. From content writing, and video editing, to marketing campaign planning – we offer a wide range of options to support you.

We also have a close network of trusted professionals who we can refer you to for additional support such as paid ads, social media management or sales funnels.